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The Cheesemaking Workshop’s online cheesemaking course delivers accessible, easy to follow, step by step guidance to making cheese in your own home. Whatever your ambition our online learning experiences will help you get there.

Learning to make cheese is a balance of science and skill, once you know which ingredients and the technique
it’s so easy. In no time you will be making a variety of perfect, nutritious and tasty cheeses and all additive free.

Can’t come to us – the Cheesemaking Workshop is now bringing their fail-safe teaching directly to your home.

You will have 12 months to start your course, once started you have 90 days to complete the course

Have fun and learn to make cheese in the comfort of your own home. Start with the Soft Cheesemaking Workshop – 6 brilliant step by step cheeses plus Greek style yoghurt in one video.

Learn the secrets behind making 6 Soft Cheeses as Mandy talks you through all the basics, step by step, ensuring you’re on track and fully understand the process. Covering the different types of milk, cultures and the techniques behind separating the curds from the whey so that you by the end of the course you will be equipped to make your own cheeses whenever you want.

Each cheese comes with a bespoke “shopping list” as well as detailed course notes to assist you. We even have a choice of DIY kits to equip your endeavours

Access your cheese making course at a time that suits you on mobile, tablet or on the web. Once you have paid for your course (Click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of this page) you will be emailed your personal login code plus instructions and a list needed for your ingredients. You can login (By clicking the Video above) and begin your course immediately.

Choose whether to learn in 8 individual sessions or complete several courses at a time, this course gives you the freedom to complete each session entirely at your own pace. Unlike a real-world course though, you will also have the opportunity to revisit sessions and practice whenever and wherever you like!

Choose to receive your cheese making kit to be delivered to your door with enough ingredients to make 14 Camembert/Brie and Feta cheese or 60 litres of soft cheeses. You have four options:

Online Course 1:
Full access to the step by step easy to follow video, instructions for 6 soft cheeses and Greek style yoghurt £75

Online Course 2:
Course 1 plus a standard cheesemaking kit including ingredients & 2 cheese moulds only £140

Online Course 3:
Course 1 plus a silver kit including all tools & ingredients £165

Online Course 4:
Course 1 plus a premium kit including all tools, yoghurt maker, ingredients & probiotic yoghurt starter culture £199 If you have any questions then please contact us 

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